Left politician claims for sexual harassment after TV host joked she derived sexual pleasure from riding her bicycle with no seat

    By / March 3, 2016

    Labor MK Stav Shaffir on Wednesday claimed that a satirical skit that aired on a right-wing TV station earlier this week amounted to sexual harassment – Taking to Facebook, Shaffir slammed Channel 20 for a segment in which host Erel Segel said the MK …

    I Steal For Sexual Pleasure’ – Man Nabbed For Stealing Women’s Underwear

    By / February 22, 2016

    The Anambra State Police Command has apprehended a certain man for stealing 52 women’s underwear. 22-year-old Chigozie Ugwu, who was paraded by the state police, said he indulges in the act to satisfy his sexual urge. The suspect, who had no girlfriend …

    Website strives to provide evidence-based guide to women’s sexual pleasure

    By / February 13, 2016

    Seven decades after Alfred Kinsey first embarked on his studies of human sexuality, more than 50 years after the Sexual Revolution, and more than 40 years after the “Joy of Sex” was originally published, sex remains a complicated subject, especially sex …

    What Women Who Have Multiple Orgasms Say Is Their Secret

    By / February 10, 2016

    But now, the online orgasm-training platform OMGYes is working hard to change that. The site recently revealed the results of its 2015 Study of Women’s Sexual Pleasure, which dives right into the topic of multiple orgasms—and, most importantly …

    Cannabis And Sex Benefit The Body While Enhancing Pleasure

    By / February 1, 2016

    Pop culture has long promoted the idea that sex, drugs, and rock and roll are the keys to the fountain of youth and a fully satisfying lifestyle. While that may be a matter of opinion, research suggests that at least two of those factors together create a …

    Sex for ‘Mere Pleasure’? Shame on You! — 15 Sexual Hang-Ups We Can Blame on the Catholic Church

    By / January 26, 2016

    The Catholic Church is obsessed with sex: who does it, when, how, with whom, and for what purpose. In fact, I might argue that one of the most fundamental ways the Church hooks people is by creating deep psychological hang-ups about sex, for which it then …

    Pleasure Activist

    By / January 14, 2016

    A partner who values your sexual pleasure would welcome helpful instructions! Communicating also means letting our partners know when things feel good! This can be with verbal acknowledgement (“Oh, that feels nice.” “Please, don’t stop”, “Yes!”)

    6 Pleasure Principles for Sexual Satisfaction

    By / January 8, 2016

    It’s a sad reality for me to face, but each day I am met with emails from women who readily admit that they aren’t satisfied in their sex lives. Many place blame on their lack of sexual experience; others shift the responsibility on a partner who doesn …

    The Pleasure In Withholding Orgasm

    By / January 5, 2016

    And then I was welcome to have as many as I wanted. This was some of the best sex and truly one of the most memorable orgasms of my life. There is incredible pleasure in withholding orgasm and waiting. It’s a clever use of the Erotic Equation: Obstacles …

    How To Find A Discrete, Professional Escort

    By / December 17, 2015

    For some, especially those who aren’t currently out of town on business, the idea of an escort can seem fun and exciting, though the apparent lack of discretion can be a little nerve wracking. For a moment, I’d like to talk about how to find an escort who can behave in a professional, discrete manner while still giving you the night of your life so that you needn’t worry about what the neighbors think. In the last decade, we’ve been seeing less and less escorts soliciting themselves on street corners (though they’re certainly still around) as more and more take to the internet. Those who take to the internet will often times post things about themselves along with pictures. Because of this, you almost get a “free sample” of a potential escort, giving you the chance to figure out her personality of level of professionalism without even talking to her, not to mention you get to have a good look at her pictures. Finding these escorts is all about where you look online.

    Where to Find Professional Escorts

    Finding the professional, discrete escort of your dreams is easy, given you know where to look. It’s important to only visit professional websites such as Xlondonescorts. Browsing through your city’s Xlondonescorts will always bring up a list of fine escorts. This should always be the first place to check as it tends to be the most prosperous.

    Afterwards, why not try checking your local business directory? You wouldn’t believe how many professional escort agencies you’ll find there. When you go this route, the agencies you’ll find will have escorts working under them. Being legitimate employees, these girls are bound by their employer’s rules to act as discrete as they possibly can. Another advantage to these agencies is the large selection they have to offer. A tight, fit Asian, a busty black woman with bouncing tits, they can all be had with the right agency. After tracking down an agency’s number and giving them a call, you’ll have access to a list of escorts at your disposal.

    Places to Avoid

    You really want to avoid general classified websites such as CraigsList. While these places can certainly have some great escorts on them, many (though not all) of the escorts you find here may lack the discretion you’re looking for. The reason for this is that, unlike escorts who work for professionally owned agencies or those who take the time to make a BackPage ad, the escorts you’ll find on CraigsList or other, similar websites often have no reputation to keep up and no boss’ rules to follow. While this doesn’t immediately take away their credibility, it can lead to uncertainty as to what you’ll be getting.

    In today’s world, finding an escort/adult service online is as easy as ordering some pizza. If you still find yourself driving around town looking for the perfect woman, try looking around online; you won’t be disappointed.

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